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Frost Alarm Systems

The Harvest wireless solar powered online frost alarm systems are currently used in nine countries around the world. The systems are extensively used in vineyards, orchards and farms as an advanced frost alert system with live data reporting during frosts. In many cases it serves the dual purpose of collecting a variety of other weather variables including wind speed/direction, rainfall, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, leaf wetness, Bacchus Botrytis risk, wet bulb, dewpoint, wind chill, soil moisture, soil temperature, water temperature and UV radiation.
The systems can also monitor irrigation systems for water resource consents (water flow rate, accumulated totals, well depth and conductivity) and wind machines (battery voltage, oil pressure, fuel level, rpm and run hours). .

The image below shows the monitoring system control unit with the optional wind sensor and rain gauge. The case is made of polished stainless steel giving strength, durability and weather proofing. It comes with dual U bolts to fit onto a 50-60mm (2inch) outside diameter pipe.

Harvest Frost Alarm System

Each system supports multiple wireless and hard wired temperature sensors. The standard wireless temperature sensors can be placed up to 300 metres (330 yards) away from the base unit while the latest long range wireless temperature sensors offer a typical range of up to 2km (1.3 miles) depending on terrain. The wireless technology enables the temperature sensors to be installed in a few minutes and placed at the coldest and warmest locations on your property enabling excellent temperature profiling. Under frost conditions new temperature readings are reported every minute.

Wireless Remote
Wireless Remotes
Leaf Wetness Sensor
Leaf Wetness Sensor
Frost Fan
Frost Fan Monitoring

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