Active Systems: 2624
Active Wireless Remotes: 4032
Total Active IOT Devices: 6656


April 2017
We are pleased to welcome Callum Carson to join the Harvest Team. Callum will be taking on the role of sales engineer, working alongside Sam Tanner.

Harvest attended the South Island Agricultrual Field Days in Kirwee, Canterbury. It was an excellent chance to meet some of our Canterbury based customers.

February 2017
We are pleased to welcome Grayden Cook to the Tech Support team. Grayden joins the team to replace Kerry Nichols who has moved to Wellington.

January 2017
A new year brings a new Tech Support team member. Graham Brown has joined the team bringing total numbers of Tech Support to 6 which reflects the value Harvest places on customer support.

December 2016
With the end of 2016 comes a milestone - over 6500 IOT devices online.

In November a magnitutde 7.8 earthquake struck just out of Kaikoura. One of of the results of the earthquake was signficant slips at Hapuku and Goose Bay causing earth dams to form in the streams. These two slips pose significant risk to the bridges on SH1 and in the case of Goose Bay, the settlement and camp ground. Harvest was contracted by NZTA and Kaikoura District Council to install monitoring equipment at both dams and provide alerts on the Hapuku and Goose Bay bridges to warn motorists in case of dam burst as significant damage could be caused. In the case of Goose Bay another alert was setup to warn the residents of dam burst so they would have sufficient time to reach high ground.
Check out video footage of the Goose Bay installation here.

October 2016
We are pleased to welcome Lisa to the Tech Support team. Lisa has a background in software so has leapt right in to working with the Harvest product line.

July 2016
Harvest is attending Romeo Bragato in Blenheim, Marlborough on the 24-25th of August. Find us in the trade exhibitors area.

June 2016
Harvest are attending the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek. We can be located at site PC2 in the Pavilion. If you are attending we would love the opportunity to meet you. See here for a map.

April 2016
We are pleased to welcome Brenda Anderson to the software development team. Brenda will be working with our software development team to ensure all new software releases are thoroughly tested before release.

February 2016
Harvest attended Southern Field Days in Waimumu, Southland. Southern Field Days was a chance for us to meet existing and new customers.

As Harvest has expanded into new markets there has been a need to expand the tech support team. Marian Smolders and Shaun Kelly have joined the existing team of four which is lead by Philip Harvey.

January 2016
The Harvest ITU Mini has now been released. The ITU Mini is primarily intended for use as an option for those after an entry level weather station.
See this brochure for more information: Harvest ITU Mini brochure

Work started on a new 225 square metre building extension incorporating three new offices and a new staff lounge. These new spaces compliment our existing offices, manafacturing and storage areas and allow for future growth.

December 2015
Harvest are pleased to welcome Aidan to the team. Aidan has worked at Harvest after school for two years assisting our production team. From the start of 2016 he is starting a general engineering apprenticeship and will be working alongside Allan who is in charge of our fabrication in our production department.

November 2015
Harvest are pleased to announce Rhys is joining the team. Rhys (ex Marlborough Cabling) is based in Blenheim and will be carry out field installations and servicing throughout Marlborough as well as other areas in the South Island.

August 2015
Harvest are pleased to announce the release of the ITU Nano. The Nano is aimed at the water meter telemetry monitoring market.
See this brochure for more information: Harvest ITU Nano brochure.

Harvest attended Romeo Bragato in the Hawkes Bay. Romeo Bragato is one of the largest and most important conferences for grape grows and wine makers here in New Zealand.

June 2015
Harvest attended the NZ National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek. With over 125,000 visitors and around 950 exhibitors it is always a highlight of the year.

March 2015
Harvest attended the Waikato Effluent Expo at Mystery Creek just out of Hamilton. In its 5th year the event featured over 50 exhibitors and 8 seminars with around 700 visitors attending.

January 2015
In October 2011 NZ awoke to the news that the container ship MV Rena had run aground off the coast of Tauranga on the Astrolabe Reef. Soon after salvage crews started work on recovering the Rena, Harvest was called in to provide a weather station and webcam located on the bridge to provide weather information for the salvers and helicopter pilots. We have put together photos in a timelapse from the 22nd Dec 2011 to the 10th January showing some of the salvage effort. Around halfway through the Rena can be seen to break in half during a storm and then the final few images show the final moments before the stern sinks - complete with Harvest weather station and webcam. Click here to see the video.

December 2014
We often get asked how to use soil moisture readings in a practial way. We push data for many clients to third party providers who our customers have contracted to provide them with management advice on such things as when and how much to irrigate. However some of our customers want to figure out how to irrigate themselves or even if they use a third party provider they are interested in how the decisions are made. We have put together two short information sheets on this subject.
For the information relating to pasture click here and for vineyards and orchards click here.

October 2014
TVNZ's Rural Delivery show which aired on the 11th October featured a segment on Harvest Electronics involvement in the dairy industry. The video can be viewed on TVNZ OnDemand or via Youtube. To see the video on Youtube click here.

Harvest is pleased to announce the release of the Extended Long Range Remote (XLR) for use as a repeater or as a control solution. The XLR alongside the ITU G2 allows for more monitoring and control options on sites that are very large, have wireless coverage issues due to terrain or require complex control solutions.

September 2014
The Harvest team has continued to grow with Daniel Broome joining the tech support team and Ehsan Tabatabaei Yazdi joining the software team.

June 2014
Harvest is attending the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek. We can be located at site PF2 in the premier feature section of the pavilion. If you are attending we would love the opportunity to meet you.

May 2014
We are pleased to welcome Tyler Batchelor to Harvest. Tyler will be joining Logan, Philip and Michael in the support team. Tyler has a background in web design so will be a valuable asset to the team.

April 2014
With continuing expansion into various market including farming a new team member has joined our production department. Kerry Nichols has a range of technician skills as the result of running his own electronics repair company. Kerry will be carrying out field installs and building systems to order.

March 2014
Harvest is pleased to announce the release of the Extended Long Range Remote (XLR). The XLR will help fill a hole in the Harvest product range as a bridge between the Long Range Remote (LRR) and the ITU G2. The XLR is first being released as part of effluent irrigator monitors and for use in situations where the LRR is short on inputs/outputs. In the following months it was also be available for use as a wireless remote repeater and as a PLC type controller.

February 2014
Harvest are pleased to welcome Michael Hollingsworth and Robert Gale to the team.
Michael joined us after working in the pro video and lighting industry. He will be managing inventory along with assisting with purchasing and backing up the support team.

Rob has joined the production team to replace Mark Thompson who has left to travel overseas. Rob will be taking on the roll of technician responsible for repairs, RMAs and development. Rob will also be working alongside Chris to run the SMD plant. Rob immigrated from the UK and has qualifications and previous experience in the electronics industry so will be a great asset to the team.

December 2013
Following on from the launch of the Rural Fire Danger website, check out this interview with Southern Rural Fire: Youtube clip from CUE TV South Today News.

October 2013
Harvest are pleased to announce the release of the Acclima TDT soil moisture sensor. This sensor is especially good on dairy farms as it automatically compensates for conductivity which is hugely influenced by effluent and fertiliser. Check out our instructional installation video here.

Harvest were pleased to have the opportunity to host MP Steven Joyce in his official capacity as Minister for Science and Innovation.

November 2013
A company we have partnered with have just released a new dust monitor. Harvest has worked with Aeroqual to provide telemetry and an online interface that allows for real-time online monitoring anywhere in the world. For more information please check out their website Aeroqual Dust Sentry.

September 2013
Harvest has started development of a new wireless remote - the Extended Long Range Remote or XLR for short. This new remote has an expanded feature set over the existing Long Range Remote (LRR). Some of the new features include ability to do logic/control, extra inputs and the ability to act as a standalone wireless remote repeater. Expected release is in the first quarter of 2014.

Harvest are pleased to announce the release of a Rural Fire Danger website in conjunction with regional Rural Fire Authorities. This website is designed to give the public hourly updates regarding the Fire Danger in their areas. The website data is generated using regional Rural Fire Authority owned Harvest weather stations (RAWS) along with formulas provided by SCION research.

August 2013
Renovations have been completed at our offices in Masterton. The offices were originally owned by ENZA and built in 1993 and although well maintained were in need of a freshen up! Check out some of picture on the Harvest Electronics Facebook page.

June 2013
Harvest is attending the national Fieldays at Mystery Creek, Hamilton, NZ from June 12-15. Come check us out at site PB1 in the Pavilion.
Check out this site map.

April 2013
We are pleased to announce that Philip Harvey has joined the Support Team. Philip has a interesting combination of degrees and certification - theology and computing. With Philip joining the team the Support Team now has three full time members.

Check out this great news article focusing on smart farming by one of our customers:
Dairying by Numbers Paying Off

March 2013
Whilst enjoying the mud Peter and Andrew Munn took time to meet with new and existing customers at the South Island Agricultural Field Days. Check out the write up that was featured on the Field Days website - From Coca-Cola to the South Island Agricultural Field Days

February 2013
Harvest are attending the South Island Field Days held at Lincoln on March 20-22. We would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss how we can enhance your business.

January 2013
Here at Harvest we are always trying to continually enhance the monitoring system website interface and have added the following features over the last few months:
-Tabs: allowing data to be split into "groups" of data (eg. Weather, Flow Meters and Soil Moisture)
-Google Maps: the maps interface allows for data to be seen from a map point of view with current readings

A system in the Hawkes Bay and one in Central Otago recorded highs of 41 degrees C in January - a very hot dry spell.

December 2012
Harvest are sorry to say goodbye to one team member - Peter Ruddock - who has moved on while we welcome another team member, Brad Curtis-Smith. Brad joins the support team with a background in surveying.

November 2012
A relatively "normal" October saw 17,163 automated frost alert messages get sent. This number is 5,000 more than October 2011 but only 1,000 more than October 2010.

October 2012
The Harvest team has grown by one - Logan Clarke has joined our support team. Logan has previous experience in product support, B2B sales and IT - so his experience will be invaluable to the team.

Development and testing has started on monitoring and GPS tracking of pod effluent irrigators.

September 2012
Harvest has recently finished development of a blast gas monitor. The blast gas monitor has the ability to monitor multiple gas types (eg. NO2, CO2 and NO) along with weather conditions. Alarms can be generated from any of the monitored variables. See here for more details.

August 2012
Harvest are pleased to announce that in conjunction with Streat Instruments we now have a serial interface adapter available so serial versions of the Aquaflex soil moisture probe can be connected to Long Range Remotes.

Harvest are about to start field testing of level sensors for milk vat and feed silos. Milk vat level sensing in conjunction with vat temperature monitoring allows the processing of smart alarms for high milk temperature alerts.

May 2012
Harvest will be attending the New Zealand National Field Days at Mystery Creek, Hamilton from June 13-16. We will be located in the main pavilion at site PD15.

Field trials are starting with GPS on the Long Range Remote (LRR). GPS to enable tracking of travelling irrigators and effluent spreaders.

Development has started on a new "extended" Long Range Remote. The extended LRR will incorporate a few extra inputs but most importantly it will have two relay outputs available. The relay outputs will be operated by a website interface or by pre-programmed logic.

March 2012
The Harvest team has welcomed two new members and is sorry to say goodbye to our previous accounts manager - Sally McKay. Margaret Anderson has taken on the role of Accounts Manger while Simon Aplin is currently being trained to further bolster the ranks of the support team.

Testing is currently being carried out at two separate dairy farms to enable monitoring of vat temperature. Preliminary testing has been successful and automated alarms are currently enabled for one of the dairy farms to alert for high milk temperature.

January 2012
Harvest has hit the ground running in 2012. With the sinking of the stern of the Rena and weather station which was located on the bridge - a new weather station with attached camera has been installed on the bow of the ship.

Harvest has supplied a weather station for the Parachute Music Festival (running 27th January to 30th January) along with a camera set to take photos at 10min intervals.

Due to our close association with Kiwirail, Mark Thompson has just completed training to allow work on the NZ Rail Network.

A new option for viewing your weather is now available. If you click the "today" option above your weather graphs you will be given a current weather in a slim cut down view. This is perfect for viewing on smartphones, and can be embedded in your own webpage - contact us for information on how to do this.

December 2011
The Harvest mobile webApp has been given a small face lift, optimised for high res smartphones. Gives you a 3 hour view of your graphs in a cut down mobile friendly web page. Check it out by either visiting harvest.com on your phone and navigating through the portal, or by visiting m.harvest.com directly.

Mark Thompson and David Bray recently undertook training with OSH for Working at Heights.

November 2011
We recently installed one of our weather stations with the camera option on the shipwrecked Rena to assist the salvage operation. The station was installed 48 hours after receiving the order. The helicopter pilots have found the live weather data to be valuable as landing on the ship can be dangerous in high winds. This photo taken from the weather station shows a helicopter landing on a makeshift platform on top of a shipping container.

Harvest now have 5m and 10m portable or permanent weather station masts availabe. Contact us for more info.

A fairly mild frost alert season for most of New Zealand meant that only 11,981 alarm messages were sent out for the month of October.

October 2011
Plenty of cold nights saw our servers send out 25,078 alarm messages sent out for the month of September.

Due to a large increase in product support and sales enquiries we have added a fourth team member to our sales and support team. Peter Ruddock, originally from the UK, has experience in sales, hardware engineering and software programming and is a welcome addition to the team.

September 2011
We have had our method of open channel depth and flow monitoring certified by Niwa scientists in Central Otago.

August 2011
Landslip monitoring trials have started in conjunction with Kiwirail.

June 2011
Harvest attended the 2011 Fieldays at Mystery Creek.

May 2011
Harvest will be at Fieldays 2011 - Find us in the Pavilion, site PE27.

We have extended our reaches into the European market with a system trial in France

April 2011
A remote 1.3 megapixel camera is currently under development. In conjunction with our monitoring systems it offers users the ability to see real time photos of their property on their web page. You can view the images from our development unit or a local vineyard.

Harvest has just installed our latest weather device, the age-old Stevenson Screen. This has been set up with a bare temperature sensor wired into our Solway Weather Station, for comparison with our own Harvest Temperature sensor in Solar Shields.

March 2011
Harvest will be attending the 2011 Central Districts Field Days, find us at site AG48.

February 2011
Harvest is currently trialling a wireless power line (33kVA) temperature sensor with Unison Networks Limited.

We are excited to add wireless driveway sensors to our product line. Using this in conjunction with the long range remote and an ITU-G2 you can now monitor your driveway for vehicles and be alerted (via txt message or voice call) within 30 seconds of the vehicle passing the sensor.

January 2011
Harvest is now offering a unique solution (using an Ultrasonic level sensor) for the calculation of flow through a weir. This can either be wired directly into a weather station or have data sent back wirelessly via the solar powered long range remote.

December 2010
Harvest is now setup to comply with telemetry monitoring standards with seven regional councils.

The long range remote is now available as a solar powered version for sites where attached sensors have high power usage.

November 2010
Harvest attended the Napa Valley Viticultural Fair in conjunction with Nord Vineyard Services.

Despite the addition of 70 more online systems, a relatively mild frost season meant that only 16,680 alert messages were sent out in October.

October 2010
Harvest are pleased to announce that Irrigation Services in Hawkes Bay and Water Metrics in Canterbury are now onboard as resellers and service agents.

In conjunction with GNS Science and Kiwirail Harvest are providing weather stations to monitor weather conditions to work toward a landslide prediction solution.

September 2010
Harvest are pleased to welcome David Bray to the ever expanding team. David has a strong background in all things technical including radio gear and will be assisting with production and product support.

August 2010
We are pleased to welcome Sally McKay to the Harvest team as our Accounts Manager.

July 2010
Harvest are pleased to announce that Marlborough Cabling is now onboard as a reseller and service agent for Marlborough.

Motorola sample 900/2100 3G H24 data modules are now available.

June 2010
All Harvest solar powered systems are now available standard as pipe mount with warratah/t-post now an option.

May 2010
Demo Frost Alarm and Weather Station installed in the Napa Valley, California, USA in conjunction with Nord Vineyard Services.

Generation three level crossing monitors are now being rolled out across New Zealand in conjunction with KiwiRail.

March 2010
Harvest Shearing Scoring System used at the Golden Shears New Zealand shearing championships. Live video streaming was also provided by Harvest.

Weather Station installed in Argentina, system sold by Nicolas from Vintex. www.vintex.cl

February 2010
The Tru-Track anemometer and Sentek soil moisture sensors are now available from Harvest.

December 2009
Over 2000 units now online with Harvest.

November 2009
18,079 frost alert messages sent out in October 2009.

October 2009
12,203 frost alert messages sent out in September 2009.

The acquisition of Yamaha surface mount machines has been completed allowing all circuit boards to be designed, manufactured, assembled and tested on site.

September 2009
Harvest Industrial Weather Systems now available with the Vaisala WTX520 - details here.

August 2009
Motorola H24 850/2100 3G sample modules are now available in very limited quantities.

July 2009
Satellite Weather System deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo - picture here and weather data here.

Motorola H24 3G module due for release late 2009. Contact us for details and pricing.

June 2009
Excerpt from Vodafone case study:
Vodafone worked with strategic partners Harvest Electronics and Hilltop Software, to produce a wireless solution that ensures that regardless of location or weather Horizons Council remains in real-time control. Full story here.

April 2009
Harvest awarded contract to monitor online the majority of New Zealand's rail level crossings.

March 2009
All new ITU G2 due out fourth quarter of 2009 with more inputs (including SDI-12), removable SD card for logging and LCD display.

January 2009
5,248 frost alert messages sent out in November 2008