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Manhole Antenna - New Design - Greatly Improved Performance

This antenna was designed specifically for use with sewer and overflow monitoring units. Sites where the telemetry is underground, and often covered with a metal manhole, need an easily installable but effective above ground antenna. After much experimenting and testing the Harvest team came up with the following solution.

Key Features

  • Available in monoband cellular, either 850MHz (North America) or 900MHz (rest of world)
  • 3dBi gain monoband tuned loop antenna
  • Low profile 120mm (4.72") diameter x 17mm (0.67") max height (same height as cats eye road marker)
  • Fit to a steel manhole lid with a single 10mm hole which can be drilled with standard cordless drill
  • Very rugged moulded urethane with 10mm stainless steel coach bolt to withstand highway traffic
  • Available in white
  • They can be made with 2m (6.5') RG58 coaxial cable
  • They come fitted with SMB connector to fit through the 10mm hole
  • They are supplied with SMA to SMB adaptor for connecting to the modem
  • 100mm (4") stainless steel coach bolt protects cable during manhole opening

PVC Manhole Antenna PVC Manhole Antenna
Installation Diagram Antenna Mounting