Active Systems: 2624
Active Wireless Remotes: 4032
Total Active IOT Devices: 6656

Industrial Applications

Well and Stream Monitoring Rail Level Crossing Monitoring Satellite Weather Stations

The ITU (Industrial Telemetry Unit) is the backbone of most Harvest products. The ITU is available as a standalone product or built into numerous Harvest products. Here at Harvest it is our mission to tailor a solution to best meet our customers' requirements.

Some recent industrial monitoring solutions include:

  • Iridium satellite weather station with industrial sensors installed at remote aid hospital in the Congo (DRC)
  • Power station monitoring for Contact Energy
  • Weather stations with industrial sensors for Trustpower
  • Dust monitoring for URS and Winstones
  • Buoy monitoring for Westhavens clam farms
  • Stream and river monitoring for Trustpower (some Iridium satellite based and some cellular)
  • Discrete intruder and panic alarms for the NZ Police
  • Communications systems monitoring for the Rescue Coordination Centre
  • Wind monitoring for Port of Marlborough
  • Sewer and environmental monitoring
  • Railway level crossing monitoring for whole of New Zealand with Ontrack/Kiwirail

The release of the new ITU G2 has meant that the ITU is now even more versatile. New features such as SDI-12 support, SD card log storage, onboard LCD display, extra analog and digital inputs, 3G connectivity, and all new expanded command set make the new ITU the perfect choice for nearly any telemetry/logging application.

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